Symphony ZVIII GLASS Screen Protector

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Precise, laser-cut dimensions provide maximum protection for the entire touchscreen surface of your Phone
[Ultra-clear High Definition] 99.9% transparency to allow an optimal, natural viewing experience
[Ultra Thin] 0.3mm thickness is reliable and resiliant, and promises full compatibility with touchscreen sensitivity and topped with oleophobic coating to reduce fingerprints
[Smooth Feel] Tempered glass feels far smoother than plastic PET screen protectors.Fingers glide across the protector as freely as with your original glass screen
GLASS Screen Protector, Wet/Dry Wipes, Dust Removal Stickers, Microfiber Cloth, our unbeaten lifetime warranty and friendly customer service.


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Symphony ZVIII GLASS Screen Protector

Symphony ZVIII GLASS Screen Protector

  • Official product
  • Long lasting
  • Best Protection
  • Easy to apply and remove.

  ……………………………….How to Apply…………………………………….


  • Caseless phone
  • Cleaning Supplies
  • Microfiber cloth.
  • Finger
  • Lots of patience.

its very easy to apply a screen protector with phone. Don`t worry and keep trying according to my instruction. Essentially, you arrange the protector on your screen before removing the plastic back, then apply masking tape to one side of the phone so the protector stays in place. Then lift it up like a hinge, pull off the back, and slowly place it back down 

  • First off the Phone.
  • Take the 3D Glass Screen Protector
  • Grab some dust cleaner ( Already Given in Packet).
  • The Glass Screen Protector is labeled 1 and 2. The side that has 1 on it will be peeled first.
  • Side 2 will be peeled second. After you have laid side 1 on the phone.
  • Use the sticky side of the dust cleaner to pick up any dust particles that could cause bubbles under the screen protector.
  • Once cleaned, start peeling side 1.
  • Align with the lcd screen of the Phone. Lay it down slowly and carefully.
  • Allow it to lay down on its own. DO NOT USE metallic Goods. IT WILL SCRATCH THE SCREEN PROTECTOR.
  • There may be a few air bubbles. Don’t worry though!
  • You can smooth out the bigger bubbles with your fingers.
  • Don’t peel side 2 yet. Use a piece of tape to re-align the screen protector in case it didn’t get placed right the first time.
  • Once it is laid down, remove the piece of tape of side 2.
  • Check it under a light and Work the last few bubbles out…
  • AND YOU ARE DONE and Lets enjoy this High Quality Product.


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