Data Recovery in Bangladesh | Best Data Recovery in Dhaka


Professional Data Recovery in Bangladesh | Best Data Recovery in Dhaka

Features :

  • Success Rate: 96.28% (Successful Jobs/Jobs Attempted)
  • Confidentiality Over 100% and Never Compromised
  • We have Advanced Facilities for Better Data Recovery
  • Industry Leading Data Recovery Security
  • The Fastest Turnaround Times Available Anywhere
  • 24/7/365 Customer Service
  • Fast, Free Home Delivery

৳ 2,000.00

Professional Data Recovery in Bangladesh | Best Data Recovery in Dhaka

Try Professional Data Recovery in Bangladesh | Best Data Recovery in Dhaka For any Media Devices.

Data Recovery in Bangladesh Best Data Recovery professional data recovery in Bangladesh professional data recovery best data recovery in Dhaka recovery lost data

Why Data Recovery: 

First of all Data is one of the most powerful weapons a business has. It provides key insights about employees, customers, products and competitors. It’s collected from a whole host of sources and can make or break a firm’s success. if you lost Business Data … what can you do now ? 

✓ for Personal life Your Marriage Pictures Video Tour Pictures social affair attending photos or videos are Lost. All these are Very important for a Person or organization. Hence you lost Personal Data … what can you do now ?

✓ Finally If you truly value your data, turn the device off and bring it to a professional data recovery company Like US.

Why We Are The Best?

  •  First of all NO DATA, NO RECOVERY FEE. 
  • “Enfield-BD” stands for Fast, Professional and Cost-effective Data Recovery Furthermore.
  • Consultation : on Phone and Onsite for servers, we provide precautions to undertake immediately after data crash. During Initial Data Analysis & consultation we will communicate Type of issue, Data recovery accuracy, Time consumption and Charges for completing the process, The recovery process begins after confirmation or approval from the user.
  • Higher Success rate:  by adopting latest technology and methods, we will prepare recovery method for each media submitted based on condition and extent of damages on the not only hard drive but also media for maximum data recovery.

Your data is treated as confidential: 

  • because we respect your privacy & confidentiality of data. The same methods are followed for individuals, private and government organizations with the strict confidential agreement. Finally The data accuracy and integrity is checked with software process and applications to maintain no access to files and folders. We follow secure erase methods in our server after the data backup to your storage media.
  • Original Media will be Safe: Even More We use non-destructive hard drive data recovery processes either by creating the mirror copy of your disk or write protected so that no damage to your original disk should occur & then we imply different proven techniques to recover your valuable data.
  • Data Validity Check: The recovered data is checked for validity or data integrity and copied on a separate media (to be delivered from a client) certainly .
  • Emergency Service Available Above all Depending on the level of service you require, your data could be recovered in as little as 12 hours depending on the complexity of the case.
  • Hence Data Recover is Not Possible: In the worst situation where no data is recoverable as result there will be no charges or no Service charges for data recovery attempt or trial.

Our Services :

Level 1 : Logical Recovery

TK. 2000 to 3000

Deleted Data

Formatted Data

Partition Loss

Overwritten Data

1 to 2 Days

Level 2 : Hardware Recovery

TK.. 8000

PCB Damages

CRC Errors

Bad Sectors

Firmware Issue

2 to 5 Days

Level 3 : Physical Recovery

TK.. 8000 & Above

Motor Issues

Clicking Noise

Scratching Noise

Grinding Noise

5 to 15 Days

RAID & Server Recovery

TK.12000 & Above

Controller Failures

Array Failure

Drive Failures

Logical Issue

2 to 15 Days













Kind of Media / Drive:

Not only Laptop but also Desktop hard disk drives (HDD) / SSD / SSHD / Server recovery or RAID-like SAS and SCSI hard drives / Flash drive like memory cards or sd cards, Drone video every storage media has to be handled differently and the charges are different too.

Data Recovery Privacy Policy :

  • First of all Employees ( Public Varsity Masters Degree Holder) who have gone through background checks and have been trained in IT security and safely handling sensitive data
  • Finally A facility that safely and temporarily stores customer data until the customer receives their recovered data
  • A secure website where clients can view their case results without risking other people viewing their sensitive data
  • Periodic internal and/or external facility audits to make sure their data recovery privacy protocols are up to snuff

আরো বিস্তারিত জানতে চাইলে  এখানে ক্লিক করুন ।

Why you buy from Enfield Bangladesh?

  • Unparalleled shopping experience in Bangladesh
  • Furthermore, Most stylish as a result trendy and reliable shopping platform
  • Light on your pockets with an unmatched convenience level
  • Wide scope of local and foreign brands
  • Fast delivery most noteworthy
  • 100% guaranteed products Most of all

Our Vision

  • First of all, you are guaranteed the best services and prices Most of all products.

Our Achievement

  • Moreover, we have customer from every class of society and every corner of country.
  • Finally, customer satisfaction is our main target while providing good quality product in right time delivery.

Product Delivery:

  • _ only gives you the 100% Brand new Data like Before.
  • Delivery charge depends on your product quantity, media Area and the media type you ordered.
  • Finally, we deliver your desired product inside Dhaka within 1-2 working days and outside Dhaka 3-4 working days.
  • But we ensure you that we will deliver your _ assignment as early as possible before deadline.
  • Please check and verify your Data in front of our Deliveryman.
  • Service delivery may interrupt or delay for the natural disaster or political unrest (we will inform you).
  • Finally, Delivery outside Dhaka, customers have to collect products from the nearby courier service office.

যদি অনলাইনে অর্ডার করতে অসুবিধা হয় তাহলে কল করুন: +8801773382277, +8801752998888

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