High Stainless Steel Coconut Scraper with Vacuum Base Coconut Grater Machine Coconut Crusher Manual Hand Roller Coconut Chopper for Kitchen Coconut Scrapper Tool (Silver)

৳  550

  • It’s manual and enjoyable.
  • Just buy and enjoy it.
  • HIGH QUALITY SCRAPER: High grade stainless steel sharp blades are corrosion and rust-resistant and highly durable. This scrapper blade does not break through using it for a long time.
  • This coconut scrapper is easy and convenient to use and scrapes coconuts quickly. Easy to assemble, clean and store. Dishwasher safe. Compact and elegant design.
  • VACUUM BASE: Scrapping coconut features vacuum base rubber at the bottom for firm holding and hands free operation thus gives better grip & easy scrapping of the coconut.
  • INNOVATIVE DESIGN: It is compact and non skid design with hand driven rotor. The sturdy handle and smart design keep your hands and fingers safe from cuts.
  • HOW TO USE: Just hold the half cut coconut in your left hand and insert the blade in the coconut and start rotating the handle in clock wise direction.

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