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Local and Foreign Whiteboard also magnetic & Non-magnetic Whiteboard Buy Now Online at best price in Bangladesh.

Types of whiteboard

  • Melamine – Firstly Melamine is an economical and inexpensive laminate coating for white-boards
  • Porcelain – Secondly porcelain whiteboards are made of white ceramic and steel or have aluminum backing
  • Glass –        Thirdly made of Crystal glass / Plexiglass are extremely durable and are constructed from tempered glass for safety. LED Lightboard also another form of White-boards write by neon marker. 
  • Formica –    Finally Made from Formica and Partex board with aluminium border.

Finally we have Country largest collections of Magnetic white-boards as well as non magnetic white-board. non magnetic white-boards only used for writting and erase. Magnetic white-boards slidely high capacity and developped board which can hold Paper, Map, Graph, Metal, Duster by magnet. We suplly 4 pcs magnet free with every board. you can buy more magfnet anytime.  we have also Both side writting capable white-boards with stand. we have own factory to make whiteboards and suplly-ability Vast Quantity / bulk order .

Factory & Shipping

Our own factory is in not only Savar but also Kamrangichar & Nawabpur. Our Factory make blackboards, whiteboards, flipchart boards. various wooden and Steel Stands. Deliver product all over Bangladesh thorugh Transport. We have delivered and installed hundreds of boards in 3 branches of the military, multinational companies, personal use, coaching centres, schools, various offices, Personal use.

We Provbide Same Day Delivery Dhaka City, Fast Shipping Nation-wide, 100% Brand New, intact Sealed, High quality and solid construction.

Order Now Online for White Board, Digital Whiteboard, Mini White board and Hardboard Blackboard at Best Price.