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Mannequins And Display Dummy

Buy Now Mannequins And Display Dummy Online at Best Price in Bangladesh.

Types of Mannequin we have

  • Realistic mannequins –  look lifelike and are designed to look like a real person.
  • Abstract – made from fibreglass will have the subtle curves of a human body.
  • Headless – Made from fibreglass / Plastic , they come in various sizes, shapes, colours and poses .
  •  Child – infant, baby, child and teenager Looks. made from Plastic or fiberglass.
  • Torso – Compact and easy to transport, they are most widely available.

Necessity of Mannequin

First of all Mannequins, help the retailers/ online dress seller / showroom to draw the customers to their stores.

Secondly for a layman mannequins are dolls or dummies that showcase the latest trends / latest fashion / latest collections of the store. Thirdly they are important tools of retail business. Finally they first communicate with the customers through visual  merchandising.

its one of the effective technique to display the Clothes to attract customer . this types of technique helps to improve income in the business. This powerful method of showing garment products and helps to choose product by the customar.

Why You Buy Mannequins From Us?

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  • Thirdly Satisfaction Guaranteed.
  • Finally Reasonable Price Guaranteed.
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Since 2016, we have delivered hundreds of mannquins at the personal level to cloth showrooms, cloth shops, buying houses, garment display centres and even online dress sellers, retail garments shop in various markets across Bangladesh.