Home Storage Appliances in Bangladesh

We need a lot of modern home appliances for a comfortable living; and Enfield-Bd offers the most exclusive collection of home appliances in Bangladesh. On our Home Appliance section, we have  electronic appliances such as TV, refrigerator, air conditioner, washing machine, fan , telephone and many more Home Storage Appliances.

For cleaning, you will find cleaners,  hose pipes, insect repellents, scratch removers & so on; bathroom accessories include soap dispenser, toothpaste dispenser, water heater, toothbrush holder, bathroom fittings i.e., waterproof tissue paper holder, shower head, mixer tap, wash basin etc. Sometimes it’s really irritating for you to find a mechanic & spend money even for a very minor repairing. For such small repairing, we have tools like pliers, glue guns, multi-purpose knife, screw-driver set etc. To make your daily life safe & secure, we have security alarm lock, combination pad lock, portable door alarm & fire extinguisher. Women love to sew at home; we have very useful sewing machines for them; there are also mini handy sewing machine for minor sewing works.

In addition, there are mosquito net, umbrella & raincoat & all other essentials to complete your Home Storage requirement.

We provide more than 10000 best quality modern appliances for your convenience. Just go to our home appliance section & find the products that you need for your household. We accommodate the global & local  famous appliance brands like Hitachi, Panasonic, Walton, Sony, Samsung, LG, General, Fujitsu, Daikin & many more.

We are here to make your life full of comfort & indulgence !

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