Screen Protector

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Best brand screen protector

  1. JETech.
  2. RhinoShield
  3. Omoton
  4. Spigen
  5. Tech21
  6. Therefore China Generic

Moreover Flagship smartphones, from the iPhone 11 to Galaxy S20, have beautiful displays. Should you cover them up with a Tempered Glass screen protector .  Mid range phone 0.2 is enough TPU screen protector .

Low end deivce Nano Liquid are suitable. also temperd glass protector suitable too.

Are Screen Protectors Necessary Anymore?

Finally most people are probably best off with a tempered glass protector: they have the smoothest feel, prevent the most damage, and are available at pretty decent prices. If you’re really finicky about looks, you may like PET or TPU better (since they aren’t as visible once applied to your phone), especially since films like TPU can provide self-healing edge-to-edge protection on phones with curved screens.

Most of all smartphone manufacturers use tough glass developed by Corning for their screens. Many Androids come with Gorilla Glass, and Apple purchases custom-made glass for the iPhone. This means your phone is less likely to shatter with every single drop or scratch on contact with your keys.

Screen protectors, meanwhile, can actually get scratch or ding or grimy depending on the material. and unless they’re installed flawlessly, they may make your screen look less perfect than it actually is. Plus, a screen protector will only help the screen itself. It won’t prevent dings on the edges or back or your phone—for that you’ll want a case—and it probably won’t prevent a shattered screen if you drop your phone on a really hard surface.

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