Others Export Goods

we export variety of product. our Others Export Goods are:

(1) Frozen Food , a) Frozen Fish , b) Shrimps , (2) Agricultural Products a) Tea b) Vegetables c) Tobacco

  1. d) Cut Flower & Foliage e) Fruits f) Spices g) Dry Food h) OthersB. Manufactured Commodities

(1) Cement, Salt, Stone Etc (2) Ores, Slag and Ash (3) Petroleum bi Products (4) Chemical Products a) Pharmaceuticals b) Chemical Fertilizer c) Cosmetics d) Others (5) Plastic Products a) PVC Bags b) Plastic Waste c) Others (6) Rubber (7) Leather (8) Leather Product (9) Wood & Wood Products (10) Handicrafts

(11) Pulp (12) Paper & Paper Products (13) Printed Materials (14) Silk

our  Others Export Goods / products such as tobacco, plastic bags and articles, golf equipment, textile and clothing products, shrimps, tea, cap, golf shafts, Bangladeshi products such as tobacco, plastic bags and articles, golf equipment, sleeping bags, bone china and porcelain kitchen/ tableware, cereal based prepared foods, handloomed woven cotton carpets and other textile floor coverings, spectacles and goggles, headgear other than rubber and plastics, etc.

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