Bangladesh is a Land of River and canal. It saturated at South East Asia near North of India. It is densely populated country. Total population is 160 million. Rate of education 70%. It is an agricultural Country. Also 2nd biggest exporter countries of Readymade Garments in the world mostly to Europe, USA and Middle East countries. In respect of price & quality in the export market of readymade garments Bangladesh is the top most competitive countries in the world. Manpower cost here is lowest in the world therefore cost of any kinds of agricultural & industrial products are highly competitive. Result of which most of importers of different develop and developing countries are attracted to buy/Import Bangladesh origin Agricultural product & readymade garments infrastructural facilities of Bangladesh is also quite good.

The most common and demandable Bangladesh origin Fresh Fruits are: ♦ COCONUT (Narikel) ♦ GREEN COCONUT (Daab) ♦ PINEAPPLE (Anarosh) ♦ BANANA (Kola) ♦ PALMYRA PALM (Taal) ♦ LEMON (Lebu) ♦ JACK FRUIT (kathal) ♦ SOUR TAMARIND ♦ ANOLA ♦ WATER MELON

At present those Fruits mostly are exported to U.K. & Middle East countries by Air Shipment.

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