Kids & Babies

Kids & Babies

Excellent Quality Kids & Babies Items Online !

Enfield BD has a wide range of products for baby & kids. Here, you can get everything for your loving kids-from diaper to bath tub, cereal to school bag ! We also have all necessary products for your new born babies. On this section there are baby food, Kids & Babies clothing, kids skin & hair care products, diaper, kids fency watches & sunglasses similarly, kids shoes, toys, school bag, kids learning materials, tiffin box & flask etc.

Baby food:

Baby food is a very essential product. As it is directly related to the health of your baby, there is no way to compromise regarding quality. Enfield Bd provides the best quality baby foods. Furthermore There are baby milk, rice & poridge, cereal, dessert, fruit mix, honey & other baby foods on this section. Finally We have accommodated all renowned brands including Cow & Gate, Nestle, Aptamil, HiPP Organic, Heinz, Farley’s, Gerber etc.

Kids clothing:

We have a great deal of clothing for kids; you can find Not only shirts but also pants, t-shirts, frock, punjabi & fotua on kids clothing section. Choose from a range of variety; there are dresses for all ages of kids including the new borns.

Kids Shoes:

Kids need comfortable shoes & sandals; as a result we provide the best online kids shoes collection in Bangladesh ! First of all Pick the stylish & comfortable keds, sandals, pump shoes, oxford shoes, kids loafers etc. from our collection.  Not only Soft but also comfortable canvas shoes are also available for your new born baby.

Skin & hair care:

First of all You need to take a lot of care for your baby’s skin & hair. And we care for your baby; therefore, we got a huge number of skin & hair care products for your babies & kids. Above all There are finest quality olive oil, baby lotion, baby shampoo, bath soap, baby wash, powder etc. on this section. Brands include J&J, Boots, Mothercare, Boots, Olitalia etc.

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