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Power Strips
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A power strip is an adapter you plug in to extend the electricity from a single wall outlet to a series of outlets. First of all In our daily life, we can find lots of wired electronics things usable for comfort as well as the easy way to function things. We provides the best manufacturing and high-quality of Computer wired accessories category in Multi-plug & Power Strips with the various types of subcategory products. Power strip outlet configurations include standard, right-angle, front-facing, rear-facing and end-mounted outlets. we have collections of surge protector multi-plug, child protection, USB Port included, Apps Controlled etc.

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Different Cable Length of Power Strips we have
Wired or Cord length is always an important consideration because even if you don’t need a very long power cord, you want to strike a balance between purchasing a cord long enough for your purposes but not so long that it bundles up into an untidy mess. Cord length typically ranges from less than a foot to more than 20 feet, though the average length is approximately 6 feet. We have all according to your demands.
Brand Available

Power Pac
Black Cat
Super Star
High Power


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Multi-plug and hub are must-have accessories for every household. Our wide collection of multi-plugs is loaded with lots of safety features to keep your electronic products safe from unwanted electrical accidents. Multi-plugs are used for any electronic products like Desktop, Laptop charging, home theatre system etc. Multi-plug also features an LED light indicator for easy identification of the switch status. They also come with different layers with USB port for multi-functional purposes. check out the Multi-plug with USB Hub in Banglades and buy online at Cheap Price.
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