Computer Accessories 

Optical Drive & Power Supply 

As we live in a digital world, almost all our regular activities are controlling by computers in this way or that. And for smooth completion of our computing, we frequently need various types of computer accessories in the first place Optical Drive & Power Supply. furthermore it is really a tough job to get your desired computer accessories at hand just at the right time.

of course No more hassle ! We are here for you ! Experience the best online shopping in Bangladesh & find the latest collection of computer accessories in Bangladesh on Enfield Bd. We arrange everything for your desktop & laptop-from mouse to processor, pen drive to hard disk identically.

A spectacular collection of computer accessories on Enfield Bd includes mouse, key-board, monitor, speakers & microphones.  headphones, projector, antivirus, software, pen drive, multi-plug & hub, web cam, TV card & stick, cable & converter, printer, scanner etc. You also find network accessories i.e., modem, router & switch. For CPU, there are hard disk & RAM, optical drive, casing & cooling accessories. A number of laptop accessories also arranged on this section that include laptop bags, key-boards, coolers & portable laptop table, USB light, cleaning kits, battery, charger & adapter, security lock etc.

For gamers, we got a good number of gaming accessories, too.


We have a great number of mouse on our Site; there are different types of mouse including wired mouse, & toy-shaped mouse. Check out the amazing price of our wireless mouse collection & get your desired one through a couple of clicks. You will also get nice mouse pads on this section.Pen drive: We have a huge quantity of best quality pen drives on our Site; First of all This is brand Products, efficient & stylish. We also accommodate a number of OTG pen drives.

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