Antique Goods

Antique Goods

The term antique is widely accepted as the label applied to items that are over 100 years old. In the antique trade, industry experts state that these century-old relics have aesthetic and historical significance. Antique HQ reports that some dealers in recent years have tried lowering the age bracket to 50 years, which would make anything created before 1965 an antique (1). Most industry professionals disagree with this and believe it to be detrimental to the trade, as it would dramatically lower the standards of the antique collector’s world.

Antiques will stand the test of time when it comes to value. Regardless of present trends or market demands, an antique retains its worth over time. In fact, it may even increase as the years pass by.

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#1 Stamps Bangladesh & Foreign stamps, Miniature sheets, Stamp Sheets, Sheetlets, First Day Covers (FDC), Postal History and India documents
#2 Collectables Photographs, Labels, Autographs, Posters, Medals, Tokens, Ephemera, and other travel collectables
#3 Coins British India, Commemorative coins, Errors and Oddities Indian coins, Princely State Indian coins, and other Indian, Pakistani coins
#4 Banknotes British India coins, Republic India coins, Errors and Oddities bank notes, Princely State bank notes, and other pakistani banknotes
#5 Accessories Albums, Stock Books, Covers & Jackets, Magnifying glass, Water Mark Reader, and other accessories
#Radio & TV Telephone 1900 to 2021 years collection .

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